Of Sport and Olympics

My Hubby is an avid sports fan. We have subscribed to a cable company so he can be updated with his favorite sports. I didn’t complain since there were a few english channels in our’ cable too.
Anyways, one of my Hubby’s dream is to watch a match of his favorite team, live! I’m not so sure how this dream of his can be realized but I do hope that time will come and this will be fulfilled. As I’m typing this, I’m already imagining how it is to be in the middle of a live match or sports event like the London Olympics 2012. Oh, it’ll be nice to go to London for this event. I’m sure London by itself is a must-place to visit even without the Olympics. There is Airasia flying to London now and sometimes they do offer cheaper fare compared to other airlines. I’ve heard there are also budget London apartments or Olympic park rentals where one can stay with the whole family. Hmm,.. I’m not planning on a London trip yet, I’m just dreaming ….

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