A Songkhla Zoo and Waterpark

Two days ago, my kids and I went to the Songkhla zoo with the church’s Sunday School kids. We’ve visited this zoo quite a number of times but I guess, we’ll never get bored going there. I think it’s because my kids are always excited to be there.

Anyways, there have been quite a number of improvements since my last visit to this zoo. The ‘reptile area’  has been renovated, the penguins are finally there and now we can also feed the tigers ourselves ( but of course not with our bare hands!). Since it rained quite heavily half way on our tour, we never get the chance to  go down and see the other animals as well as the aviary.

And then, we thought that the rain brought the end of our trip. But on our way out, we saw such an exciting sight – the Waterpark!! Oh, the kids were squealing with joy when the saw the swimming pools. So, we all went down to see the place. And to our surprise, the ticket counters closed but a few people were swimming in the pools. They were like unofficially opened for a ‘test run’. So, everyone took the opportunity and swam in the pools for FREE!

I think the water park is only 70% done. They didn’t announce any opening dates yet, but I can’t wait to go there again when it’s  fully finished and operating.

So, that was our day at the Songkha Zoo and Waterpark. If you happen to visit Hatyai/Songkhla anytime soon, I suggest you include this in your itinerary especially if you bring your kids with you.

The Seal Show.. my 4 year old son got kissed by this seal!!

A view of the kiddie pool from the top

My kids and I with the Sunday School kids, Pastor and leaders

Photos courtesy of our friends.

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