Art Exhibit at Diana Shopping Complex

For art lovers, there is an art exhibit going on at Diana Shopping Complex organized by the South Thailand Center for Culture and Arts. I seldom get to see art exhibits here in Hat Yai, so I got excited when I got to know about it.

Here are a few photos that I took. It’s amazing how you can learn more about the people and its culture just by looking at the paintings.

From L-R Top to Bottom

A typical Thai motorcycle. They usually put additional ‘baskets’ to put they will be able to bring more thing with it.

Thai Muslim girls reading. The Southern province of Thailand is the home of the Thai Muslims.

Old Woman Cooking with Cats. Majority of the Thais from the South have cats as pets since they are not allowed to take care of dogs.

Chickens. I love the details of this painting. Upon closer look, one can see a Batik design  on the feathers.

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