Dream Destination: Israel

As mentioned in my earlier posts, Israel is one of my top 3 dream destinations. As a Christian, I want to visit the place where my Saviour was born. I’m sure doing so will be a rich spiritual experience for me as well. And since,I’m already dreaming to go Israel, I might as well extend my dream a bit further and go on cheap egypt holidays. That would really be a great bonus for me!

Anyways,  I’ve checked my book,1000 Places To See Before You Die and found out that if I have a chance to go to Israel,I’ll be able to tick off 9-10 places from the list. Here are  a few of the must see’s places in Israel according to the book by Patricia Schultz.

* The American Colony Hotel- East Jerusalem, Israel. ‘The Style and Charm ofan Old Pasha’s Palace‘.

* Christmas in Bethlehem- Palestinian Territories ( 10km west of Jerusalem). ‘ A Timeless Tradition in a Biblical Town‘.

                                          Dead Sea  (image from google)

* The Dead Sea- En-gedi, Israel. ‘A Mud Bath and a Good Soak for Whatever Ails You‘.

* Israel Museum – Jerusalem,Israel.’ A National Showcase for History, Anthropology, Art and Culture‘.

* The King David Hotel- Jerusalem, Israel. ‘ High Status Choice of Presidents and Kings’

* Masada – ‘ Sunrise and Heroism at a Legendary Mountain Fortress.’

                                                                                                 (image from google)

* Museum of the Diaspora- Tel Aviv, Israel.’ Genealogy of a People Scattered Around the Globe‘.

Oh, writing about this now, makes me want to go to Israel as soon as I can …

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