Dream Destination: Turkey

Apart from Israel, Greece and Egypt. Another dream destination of mine is Turkey. I’m not a history buff but I love architecture and so you can notice that in most of the countries in my dream destinations have great architectural sights.

As I’ve done a bit of research on things to see in Turkey, nothing beats the list in the book entitled 1000Places to see Before You Die by Patricia Schultz.

So, before you go on your Turkey holidays make sure you have these items in your itinerary:

* The Roman Ruins of Ephesus

* The Covered Bazaar and Cagaloglu Hamam


photo taken from HagiaSophia.com

* Hagia Sophia

* Kariye Museum

* Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent

* The Pera Palas

* Topkapi Palace

* The Whirling Dervishes of Konya

* The Blue Voyage- Sailing the ‘ Turkish Riviera”

* The Pamukkale ( Cotton Castle)

The Cappadocia . Photo taken from google.

* The Cappadocia

Indeed, there seems a lot of things to see and experience in Turkey. If you’re a blogger who has been to this great place, please do share your photos and posts about your trip. I would love to read them and just imagine being the place since I’m not sure whether this dream of mine to set foot in that country will ever come true.:)

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