Hongkong on Shoe String Budget

Would you believe it I told you that we (a family of four) were able to go to Hong Kong with a total expenditure of less than 2,000 RM( Malaysian Ringgit)? Yes, it is really possible to go on cheap holidays.

Let me tell your our little story.

It all started with Airasia’s Zero Seat Sale. We were just curious as to how low this Seat sale could go, so we waited for 12MN on that February. And since we have a cousin who works in Hong Kong,we made that as our first choice. And lo and behold, with taxes and service charge, our round trip tickets for 4 only totaled to 560RM! With a few deliberations, we immediately booked a ticket for October. And thankfully, our cousin was so hospitable and generous to offer her place for us to stay. Then, a month before our trip, we didn’t have enough funds for our Hong Kong trip but with God’s provision someone gave us 1,000RM to asked us to specifically spend it for our trip. So,we made a budget plan that included Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, The Harbor and Macau. But at the end we scratched out Macau since we were with our kids and figured there’s nothing much for them their. As for our food, we survived with a few McDonald’s meal ( one of the cheapest meals compared with other restaurants) and delicious home cooked food from our relative’s house.

So, that’s how our family of 4 had a fun, enjoyable yet very cheap holiday to Hong Kong!

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