How to Pick the Right Holiday Villa for a Romantic Retreat


[View of Breezy Villa, a luxury villa in Turks and Caicos, Caribbean]

A romantic retreat can be a challenge to plan, and holiday villas a great choice. Picking the right villa, however, is not always so easy. Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning your getaway.

1)      While they share similarities, a romantic retreat is not the same as a honeymoon. Consider the personality of yourself and your partner; are you looking to just get away from everything so you can spend time with each other? Or are you simply looking for a little chance for romance as you take a vacation? If the former, you’ll probably want a secluded villa, but if you’re more interested in exploration and doing things together outside of the villa, you might want someplace a little closer to town. Many tourist destinations, such as Turks and Caicos villas, offer events and entertainment other than the ocean. Consider areas that offer tours, hiking and other exploration, and nightlife.

2)      A cozy little home where you’re together every moment can sound romantic, but in practice, it’s not always quite so good for a couple already very used to each other. Consider a villa with enough space to relax and move around when you’re not spending time together. A three-bedroom villa will usually have plenty of space at a reasonable price, and not too many villas are much below that number of rooms anyway.

3)      When you do want to be together, though, do it right. A Jacuzzi is good. Watching movies together is also good, so consider a villa that has a media library and a large television, or bring your own favorite films to watch and make sure your destination has the appropriate type of player. Knowing what you and your partner most enjoy doing is critical to finding the right villa.

4)      The Caribbean’s tropical climate offers an exciting mix of indoor and outdoor living, so try to take advantage of this! Look for a villa describing alfresco dining, and you can enjoy meals outside while watching the sun slowly sink beneath the waves. When you’re looking for romance, and not merely passion, the little things matter. Try to keep them in mind, and look for ways to maximize your experience.

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