Latest Update: Bangkok Flood

A few minutes ago, I’ve received a news alert on Thailand’s Prime Minister asking all the flood gates of Bangkok to be opened so that all the flood waters will be channelled to the sea. There were a number of reactions on this move. For many days now, water has been channelled in different parts of Bangkok’s suburbs to prevent the main commercial parts of Bangkok from the flood. But with this news report of the Thai PM deciding to open all the flood gates, it is speculated that the whole of Bangkok will be flooded.

For the meantime, countries like Singapore has given travel advisories to their nationals to avoid travel to Bangkok because of the flood situation. Personally,if I’m traveling I will really avoid traveling toBangkok. Being stuck in a flood is not a pleasant experience. So, if you’re planning to go on a holiday in Bangkok at this time, I suggest you go on a different route..

Here are a few photos I’ve taken from Bangkok Post.

I hope and pray for the safety of the millions of people in Bangkok. 315 lives have already been claimed from this terrible flood and I hope that the death toll won’t go higher.

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