National Elephant Institute in Thailand

The National Elephant Institute or formerly known as the Elephant Conservation Center is situated in Lampang, Thailand. This was one of the places we visited during  tour package that I won two years ago. Even if they were like cheap all inclusive holidays, but I  really a wonderful experience. The trip to this Elephant Institute has been one of the highlights of my trip. That was the first time I saw a large group of Elephants who can paint, dance and do a lot of other tricks. Of course,the trip wouldn’t have been complete without the elephant trekking. Oh, I could still remember how my friend and Igiggled and screamed when the elephant we rode on crossed the river. It was a bit scary yet fun!

Then, we also saw how they make use of the elephant dung by making it intoa handmade paper, cards, photo frame and etc. But, we were also sad when we visited the Elephant hospital and have heard of the plight of the elephants. Many of them have been abused and a few of them get hurt by stepping into the land mines in the neighboring countries. One baby elephant name Mosha touched our hearts,she was so cute and so young to wear prosthetic legs. Poor elephant!

If you’re planning to visit Thailand and you love elephants, then Lampang is a must see place.

Look them..they’re holding by their trunk..:)

The Elephant who can paint!

This is what he painted.. two elephants! Amazing!

Mahout Training

Elephant Trekking

Meet baby Moshe and her prosthetic leg

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