Panic Buying in Thailand and Holidays

Part of Central and North Thailand has been flooded for days and weeks now. There had been some flood warnings in the south too but thank God because it hasn’t been raining much these days. But in spite of this, it does seem the people are still being cautious and actually been panic buying. How do I know? Well, we’ve been to Tesco and Carrefour for this week and guess what? You won’t expect a lot of eggs, noodles, water and rice on stock. In fact, the shelves for eggs, sardines and noodles have been empty in Tesco, the other day. The rice is almost finishing and so are the other supplies. It’s either people are still stocking food for the ‘upcoming’ flood or they’re afraid for the prices of  commodities   to increase because of the present situation.

Oh, at times like these, I can’t help but think of going back to Malaysia or Philippines to somehow ‘escape’ the situation. An even better idea would be to go for holidays to gran cranaria. Gran Cranaria is one of the islands in Canary Islands. I’ve just seen the beautiful photos of this amazing island. It’s really a great holiday getaway to escape and relax.


But then again, sometimes we just have to face reality and move on with our everyday lives. This will make us stronger and better. Holidays are a need but there is a time for everything under the sun. :)

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