Postcard from Portugal

My daughter received this postcard from Sintra, Portugal through I was especially intrigued by the beautiful architecture on her postcard. This led me to google and read more on Sintra,Portugal. I just love to see the pictures of the old buildings built as early as the 8th century. The Castelo dos Mouros, the Pena National Palace and the Sintra National Palace has actually been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1995.

Oh, lovely it would be to go on holidays to Portugal and see the castles and scenery in Sintra. :)) But since I’m only daydreaming, I will be contented on looking at the beautiful sceneries and architecture through the world wide web.


Sintra was declared a World Heritage Site because:

“In the 19th century Sintra became the first center of European Romantic architecture. Ferdinand II turned a ruined monastery into a castle where this new sensitivity was displayed in the use of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance elements and in the creation of a park blending local and exotic species of trees. Other fine dwellings, built along the same lines in the surrounding serra, created a unique combination of parks and gardens which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.”

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