Safety Concerns for Airasia

We just received a mass email from our friend. This is actually an email that has been forwarded from some people who are quite concern on the safety measures being used by Air Asia. They also cited a few of their experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid Air Asia fan. It’s through this budget airline that allowed us to travel to Hong Kong,Myanmar, Philippines,Malaysia and Thailand. If there would have been cheap holidays to cyprus and Air Asia flies there, we could have done it too.

My point is, we have trusted this Airline and I even couldn’t count how many times we’ve been aboard their aircraft. But somehow the email has disturbed me since it really has a point. It really made me think twice on their safety measures especially on the fact that their turn around time is so short. So, this made me wonder if the time is really enough to perform all the checks and measures. Anyways, I do hope that Air Asia will be able to address this issue and clarify to the public regarding the safety of their airline. By the way, we will be boarding Airasia again in December as we fly from Hat Yai to Bangkok.

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