Surfing and Sailing

Siargao Island a once unknown island has now been internationally known to surfers and tourists alike. It is also known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Why I am suddenly thinking of Siargao now? Oh, it’s because I just saw my friend’s photos in Facebook. I saw her surfing and I admit, it really looks cool! The photos seem like it was taken in Hawaii but amazingly it’s just near Surigao city which is a few hours from my hometown. I have actually been to Surigao before to visit an outlet of the store which were our clients before, but I haven’t had the courage to cross Siargao since I was travelling alone.

Oh, I don’t know when I can visit Siargao Island or for that matter Surigao City. I don’t necessarily want to go there to surf. Being in the island and sightseeing would be enough  for me. It’ll really be nice to stay in the island.  It’ll be nice to go sailing too though I’m not sure if they have boats like sailing Croatia.

 Anyways, maybe I will make this island as one of my travel wish list.

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