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The photo above is the winning photo of Jaime Cesar Tibe from Scott Kelby’s 4th Annual “Worldwide Photo Walk”. I’m just so proud to post it here in my site because the winner is a fellow Pinoy and he’s from Surigao. I have written before about Surigao and it’s nearby island called Siargao. It’s just amazing that a our very own photographer from the Philippines has won this worldwide contest that has been joined by about 1000 professional photographers. Well, that’s why I’m so proud!

Anyway, I’m very interested in photography and many times I can’t help but ‘wish’ to have an SLR to capture all every moment beautifully and especially our travels. It must be truly be a wonderful experience especially when you see your spectacular shots a few years later. The only thing that I could do now when I see our photos from our past travels is to imagine how better the sunset or the scenery shot could have been if it was taken with a better camera. But well, at least we have sort of a momento from our trips right? That’s more important.. 😉

4 thoughts on “The Winning Photo

  1. Our group participated the 4th Worldwide Photowalk ( Hongkong )… Knowing its a Pinoy that won makes me feel a winner also ! He deserves it!

  2. CALL FOR ACTION – Vote for our Philippine entry for People’s Choice award

    Here’s the second part of the photo contest — the People’s Choice award. Let’s all vote for the Philippine grand prize winner so he has a chance to win the people’s choice award as well. Here are the very easy steps:

    STEP 1: Go to this link which will bring you to page 13 of that website. His photo is on the third row under Surigao City.

    STEP 2: Hover your cursor on the stars under his photo until all 5 stars turn red then click to vote. Make sure you click the 5 stars to give him the highest points. When you’re done voting, it will say “vote saved” under the photo. Not sure if you can vote more than once but you can try.

    STEP 3: Ask your friends to do the same. Tag them or copy and paste this on your profile. Let’s do this! All the other countries are voting for their entries so let’s give him our support.


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