To Book or Not to Book

‘To book or not to book?’, that’s the question that we usually ask ourselves when we have to buy our airline tickets when we go on a trip.  We always want to go on  low cost holidays and one major expense will be the airfare. There are just times when the costs of airfare tickets are cheaper than usual but then again, we think of the ‘what ifs’. What if there’s a much cheaper promotion in a few weeks time? But,on the other hand, if we wait too long, what if the price will go higher since the the travel dates at the peak season?

We experienced this a few times. There were times when we bought at a promotional price of 20% and were quite happy about it, until a month later it was slashed up to 70% off. Whoops! But there were also times when we booked our trip 8 months earlier and got the zero fare. So, that’s the scenario of air fare costs now. It’s more like the stock market when sometimes it’s up while other times its down. It’s kinda unpredictable. And just like any traders, sometimes you just have to either trust your gut feeling or maybe wait for a little while.

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