Translation, Please!

Even if I’ve been here in Thailand for many years, I still struggle with the language. It really ‘helps’ that my Hubby is fluent with the language. But then again, this has also been a disadvantage for me since I never had the drive to be fluent with it myself since I had a ‘translator’ at hand. When it comes to reading Thai in the internet, I’ve  also been dependent with the online translator sites. Yes, there are a lot of  translation sites that can help you translate words and sentences from Thai to even Chinese translation.

But still, I must try harder and continue to learn the language. As my Hubby always tell me, the best way to do it is to go out and practice. There’s no need for me to bury myself into my language books but I just need to talk and talk to people.  It sounds easy huh?Yes, that’s easy for Hubby to say since he has an outgoing personality, but as an ‘introvert’, it takes more effort for me to do that. And it also doesn’t help that I teach English so, the locals are expecting me to talk to them in English so they can practice their English while I want to practice my Thai. :)

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