Two Months to Go!

Yes, two more months to go and we will be going back home for a visit! We’re just so excited! We haven’t been back to our homecountry  for almost two years now and as they’ve said, ‘There’s no place like home’. If only we could go back home more often like once or twice a year. But with all the travel costs for a family of four, it’s not really possible for us to go home as we wish.   Even if  there are regular bargain holidays to the Philippines,but we still have to shell out quite a substantial amount of money for travel and other expenses.

So, what are our plans for our 2 weeks break back home? It’s going to be Christmas season so, for sure there will be a number of gatherings, reunion and parties. I really want to try out the Zipline but I’m not sure if we have the time to do this. But what’s more important for me during this break is to rest and spend more time with my family. And of course, spending time with them means a lot of eating out and going around the malls! Yay! Cagayan de Oro, here I come!

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