Disneyland Videos

Until now, I still couldn’t watch the fireworks video that we took from Disneyland ( Hongkong). We actually just used  our friend’s video camera that time. When it was time to return his camera,  he only gave us a copy of all our photos and videos. But sadly, we couldn’t view the videos anymore. I think there’s a program that we need to install for us to view the videos from that camera.

Why am I looking forward to watch the Disneyland fireworks? Oh, it’s because they’re just so magical. I could say that those spectacular fireworks display was one of the highlights of our visit in Disneyland Hongkong. Once, I get to find the right program for that video, I will surely download the video in Youtube. You will need a youtube video downloader if you want a copy of that video or better yet, I can give you a copy myself.

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