Just Hanging Out in Penang

We just arrived from our Penang trip. We went there to do process our visa and other documents. I really wanted to go on the Heritage Walk. Just an info, Penang has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the World’s heritage city. There are a lot of ‘treasure’ spots in Penang where you can dig into their history and culture.

Anyways, back to our ‘official’ trip. We were so wrapped up with our main agenda in the island, that we never got the time to go on the heritage trail. You know, when you have a Malaysian husband going on a ‘tour’ will always be last priority, ‘there’s always a next time, right?’. Oh, I’m not bitter.. LOL! No, I’m not bitter.. I understand that we didn’t go there mainly for pleasure.

But at least we got the opportunity to visit a few places like the Gurney drive and another  place near the port. My kids and I actually stayed there while waiting for HUbby to process his Malaysian passport at the immigration.

As you can see, my kids had fun literally hanging around in Penang! 😉

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