Las Carretas

Las Carretas.. Yes, I could still remember this Mexican restaurant in Taipan, USJ in Malaysia where our good friends brought us for dinner. It was actually my first authentic Mexican meal and I surely loved it. It’s just too bad that I can no longer remember  the dishes that our friends ordered. But I could still remember the taste. And boy, it tasted so good! Thinking about the food now makes me drool. It also makes me want to go on Mexico holidays to feast on real mexican food all day long!

Trying out different kinds of food is one thing that excites me when we go to a different place. Since I’m already accustomed  to spicy food, so I’m not so picky anymore with the food I eat. Most of the time, the only thing that bothers me when  trying out new food in a new place is the ‘safety’ of the food. You know, whether it’s clean or not. I certainly don’t want to end up getting stomach pain. But other than than, I’m cool to eat any of the local delicacies or local food.  Though I may not necessarily like everything I try out but at least I’ve tried it out. But most of the time, I appreciate different kinds of food. It just shows that I love food!:)

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