Medicine Shopping

We’re almost going back to the Philippines but before we go, I have to make sure that I go and do our ‘medicine shopping first. You see, Thailand seems to have cheaper medicine compared to the Philippines.  So, our  family members give us their medicine list and we buy for them. We also have a pharmacist friend who gives us big discounts when we buy from her. Yes, that’s an extra bonus. So, what’s on my medicine shopping lists?

1) Blackmore’s Vitamin C

2) Ventolin

3) Thyrax ( I forgot the long name)

4) Counterpain ointment

5) Lutein

… and waiting for more orders… :)

And speaking of medicine, have you heard about Actos? There seems to be a lot of people looking for actos law firms now. As you may  know Actos is a medicine for diabetes but one may experience negative effects with this medicine.

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