Retreat in December

I’m excited! We are going to have a retreat this coming December. It has been years since we had one so, that’s why I’m really looking forward for this one. Though going on team retreats is not like going on Carribbean holidays, but it’s still a wonderful experience. A few years ago, we had our retreat in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. It wasn’t as relaxing and reflective as how retreats should be but that was equally fun. Our family and our team really enjoyed it and we went back home refreshed , rejuvinated and ready for ‘battle’.:)

For this ¬†year we are just going to have it here in Thailand. We haven’t searched for the best , affordable ‘retreat’ ¬†place yet but we’re thinking to choose a location near the beach. There are a few resorts in Songkhla and Koh Yo island. We just have to find the best deal and a nice, comfortable place. We don’t really need a luxurious place since we are on a budget but a clean, tranquil and relaxing place will be ideal.

Oh, I can’t wait for the first week of December. I truly hope that we’ll have a pleasant and wonderful retreat with everyone in the team!

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