The Mystery of the Lost $200

Until now, I’m still not sure of how I lost my $200 when I was travelling with my kids a few years ago. I could only suspect that someone has taken it from my pocket without me knowing it. I admit that it’s my fault for not placing those two $100 bills inside my wallet. But I we were running late so, I just tucked them in the envelope ( with the money inside) in my jeans pocket.

But I guess, I could have also been an easy target for pickpocketing because I was travelling alone ( without my hubby) with 2 kids. But I just can’t figure out when and where I got pick-pocketed. But lesson learned, I have to be more careful with my belongings whenever I travel. There are even more hi tech ways now to be protected even from electronic pickpocketing (especially with rfid credit card)  with the use of a rfid blocking wallets.

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