Tuesday Travels- Travel Photos: Hong Kong

Our trip to Hong Kong was our most memorable trip as a family. We never expected to be able to go to Hong Kong since because we’ve seen how the travel packages in the Philippines are just too expensive for us. But thank’s to Airasia’s zero fare and we got a round trip ticket for 4 for only a total of 560 Malaysian Ringgit ( that’s 7-8 T pesos)! As for accomodation, our cousin has willingly hosted us. And it’s quite a miracle how someone gave us 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit to spend specifically for this trip! :)) Amazing huh!.. We really enjoyed this trip as we were able to go to Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria peak and other places.

The only thing though was that our son was only 2 years old during that time and he couldn’t remember much of the things that took place. But guess what, my cousin invited us once again to go there and who knows, there might be another zero promo fare from Air Asia..:))

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels- Travel Photos: Hong Kong

  1. beautiful pictures of you and your family Sis. I have never been to HongKong especially Disney World. Looks like you all have a blast. Dropping some love for Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can visit me back too

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