Getting Ready for Bangkok

We’re getting ready to go to Bangkok next week. I actually need to do renew my Philippines passport in there, before I can renew my Malaysian visa this May. It’s good I was reminded of my expiring passport last  year because we were able to book promotional tickets to and from Bangkok via Airasia. Imagine, we only paid a little more than 2 thousand Baht for 4 round trip tickets! Yeah, it’s way much cheaper than going by train or bus.

While I was searching for information about passport renewals in the internet, I didn’t fail to check out shopping malls or attractions in Bangkok too. As known to many, Bangkok is a shopping haven where one can buy anything from  clothing accessories to adult lingerie costumes . But for our family, since we’re on a budget, shopping will have to be at the end of our list but we’ll take this time as a time of bonding and relaxation.

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