Passions of Kerala, Penang

Penang, Malaysia is known for its wide array for sumptuous food. Whenever we go there, we can’t just help but think about – yes, food! Imagine, while eating lunch, we will planning on what to eat for dinner! I think staying a year in Penang won’t be enough to try out all the food in their numerous hawker stalls and restaurants.

Anyways, one of my sister in law’s favorite restaurants is the Passions of Kerala. They brought us there for dinner and sure enough, we loved it there too. The food is yummy, theĀ ambienceĀ is great and the price is very affordable.

If you’re into Indian food, I know you would be drooling at the sight of this..

Banana Leaf Rice

Chicken Curry

All the other curries and dhall

4 thoughts on “Passions of Kerala, Penang

  1. Hi Lalaine! How are you? nakabalik na diay mo sa Malaysia? Hope everything’s okay at your end most especially your family in Balulang.

    Anyways, murag lami man kaayo paresan dayon ug coke ang inyong food, hehe. Thanks for sharing Indian food here.

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