Phuket Car and Scooter Rentals

Do you want to see and experience a  new place without much hassles commuting or the full packed schedule of a group tour? Then, tour the place at your own pace and convenience, get a car for hire! In every city or country, there will always be services like this. Whether you book cheap car hire in South Africa or in Thailand, it’s the easiest and convenient way to go around the city.

When my Hubby went to Phuket, Thailand a few years back, he and his friend hired scooters to travel around the island. They really enjoyed the trip since they stopped at every interesting site at their own pace. People think that car or scooter rentals are expensive but their actually worth it.

We also enjoy travelling to places in Malaysia in our car at our own pace. When you travel with kids, it’s more convenient to have your own car as compared to going on a group tour. But you just have to make sure you’ve already researched the sites where you’re going and of course, you must have the right directions! Getting lost in an unknown place can be fun but the ‘fun’ only lasts for awhile. So much of time and money on gas is actually wasted by going in circles and going to places that’s not part of the plan.

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