Bally Studio Suites

We’ve searched for a decent budget hotel in Bangkok and we don’t regret finding Bally Studio Suites. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, we wanted a hotel in the Sukhumvit area and with a price range of 1,000-1,200 Baht per night. When I saw the photos of the hotel from the internet, I immediately liked it. The swimming pool was a plus point for me since we were bringing the kids with us. And lastly, aside from the room rates fitting¬† our budget, the reviews from past guests were also quite good.

So, when we arrived Bangkok, we immediately went to the Embassy and from there took a taxi to Sukhumvit 20. I never expected the Soi to be very long and there at the end of the road ( a little towards the left) was the hotel. We almost thought we missed it. We were greeted by a quite jovial security guard ( I almost felt I was in the Philippines) and entered the sweet scented lobby. The place looked a bit smaller from what I expected but it was very neat and cozy. We were met with welcome drinks as the receptionist processed our reservation. We never expected the welcome drinks but we were glad that they served them because we were quite thirsty from our walk from the BTS station to the embassy.

After a few minutes we were then led to our room at the 4th floor. The hallway was quite cramp and small but I forgot all this when our room was shown. Our room was quite big with it’s own kitchen area – everything was there a sink, cupboards, fridge, water heater, microwave oven and a few dishes and utensils. I like how the room was maintained well and the design was quite good too. While I was inspecting our ‘mini kitchen’ my kids were already busy meddling with the tv channels. They were happy that it has cable tv and can therefore watch cartoons in English. :)

Anyways, all in all we had a pleasant stay at Bally’s. The staff were nice and friendly and so were the guests ( at that time of our stay). For a price of 1,135 Baht it’s really a great deal. Even if this price doesn’t have free breakfast, but with the water heater, fridge and microwave oven, we can whip up our own meals in no time.

If ever we’re going to Bangkok again for anything and we need to stay in a hotel,¬† I will surely go back to Bally’s.

more photos to follow..

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