Family Holidays with a Difference for 2012

If you and your family have gone back to the same resort year after year for your annual getaway, why not shake things up by trying somewhere, or something new? Most living within the UK will understand just how precious leisure time is; therefore travelling to different places each year allows you to take in many sites; the perfect way to discover some hidden treasures across the world.

Stay in a Windmill

Shun the purpose built apartment blocks this year in favour of an unusual alternative; a windmill. There are plenty of converted windmills in idyllic locations that can be rented by the week and you may be surprised at just how little they can cost! From a French retreat to a Greek Island, you can rest assured of a relaxing break in beautiful surroundings.

Take a Road Trip

A great way to make sure you see as much as possible is to organise a road trip, especially if you have travelled further afield to destinations such as America or Australia as this means you can fit many different areas into one trip. Travelling across a part of America in a rented car of your choice makes for an unusual alternative and allows you freedom to tailor your own trip to your exact preferences with careful planning.

Get Walking

Specialists are able to provide you with walking holidays that never fail to disappoint the more active family. Taking in the sights is always better on foot, whether you are searching for a tour that incorporates the Cape Winelands of South Africa or simply to stay within the UK and discover some of the hidden gems on offer a little closer to home, a walking holiday is the perfect solution (and you can avoid the weight gain so often associated with those lazy beach holidays!).

Book a Boating Holiday

A great way to discover the area you are staying in is to rent a narrowboat for the week instead of a hotel. Destinations such as Holland are perfect for this unusual dwelling due to the abundance of waterways available. If you are looking to amble along taking in the sights of an area with ease, then renting a narrowboat is a fantastic choice.

Stopover in a Castle

There are castles in the UK and beyond that not only welcome visitors during the day, they also open their doors to those wishing to stay overnight. Whether you choose to spend the entirety of your holiday staying at a castle or simply fancy a night or two of pure indulgence whilst away from home, you can rest assured that booking a room in a castle always impresses guests of all ages.

Take a family holiday with a difference this year by researching these unusual places to stay and things to do whilst away. A perfect break for you and the kids is just a few clicks away.

Sophie has a passion for unusual holidays and likes to spend her leisure time discovering new areas both within the UK and beyond by going on walking holidays and booking unique places to stay.

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