How to Get Good Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok has hundreds if not thousands of hotels available. When we were planning to go there to renew my passport, I was confused with a lot of hotels available. I had to spend a couple of nights searching through the internet for the hotel that will suit our requirements.

My first consideration was the location. The Philippines embassy was in Sukhumvit 30, so I went to google map and found out the streets near the embassy. It’s good that the Sukhumvit street goes by number so, it’s easier for me to find out whether the hotel address is near the embassy. After finding out the embassy address, I also looked through some famous landmarks like shopping malls, BTS station and such. It’ll be nice to stay in a place that’s conveniently located near the landmarks right?

After sorting through a few hotels in the location I wanted (  anywhere between Sukhumvit 20- Sukhumvit 30), I looked for the cheapest hotels. My budget was anywhere from 800- 1200 Baht per night. I could have gone lower to 500 Baht but then, since we’re bringing our kids, I’m sure we couldn’t get into a decent hotel in Bangkok for that price. That price is possible in Hat Yai but Bangkok??Hmm.. I’m not so sure about that.

Anyways, after pinpointing a few hotels ( yes from maybe a 100 choices it has been trimmed down to maybe 5-10 choices) within my desired location and budget, I then looked through the reviews of each hotel. The 800 Baht was my ideal price, the hotel had a swimming pool and it’s so near Terminal 21 ( a shopping mall), but it received bad reviews like roaches and stuff. So, I crashed that out until I was left with hotels within the range of 1,000- 1,500 Baht. And finally, I found the Bally Suites Studio for only 1,135 Baht per night. It received good reviews on a few travel sites and I was all ready to book in one of the online booking sites, but when I compared it with booking on their own site ( Bally Studio), I found out that I could save 200 baht ( service fee).  So, there.. I booked and we truly had a great stay in Bangkok. I’ll have to write a separate post on our stay in Bally Suites Studio.

But in short, to get a good hotel in Bangkok, you have to search through location and budget you desire and reading through the hotel rating and reviews is one of the most important things.

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