Ikea Thailand

Ikea Thailand has opened late last year, during the time when parts of Bangkok were flooded. They didn’t have the planned grand opening since they just used their budget for that to help the flood victims in Bangkok.

Anyways, I finally got the chance to visit Ikea during our recent trip to Bangkok. The location was quite far from where we were staying but it was really worth it to go there. I love to window shop in Ikea. That said, I really didn’t have the budget to shop around. I just had one thing in mind to buy but if you go to Ikea, you’ll never go out empty handed. They have cheap deals that you can’t just refuse. I hope that they  have  office gifts for men  too, it’ll be cool if they have them.

Oh, I want to go back to Ikea. I want to buy a few more things that I saw there. But I guess, I’ll have to wait till our next trip to Bangkok and not to mention, I have to save up so, I can be able to buy those things.

My daughter’s favorite model room- the pink room

Giant Ikea Chair

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