Kidzania in Siam Paragon

My kids have known about Kidzania through a blog. They’re actually looking forward to go to Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur in May. But when we went to Siam Paragon in Bangkok early this week, we were so surprised to see Kidzania in their building directory. We were on the 2nd floor at that time when we saw the directory so, we excitedly went up the 4th floor ( as written on the directory) to see the place. When we were at the 4th floor we couldn’t find it there, but we found another building directory. But this time, it was written there that Kidzania is on the 5th floor. Up we went again to the Cinema area but couldn’t find it. And as before, we found another Building Directory but we were bummed when we saw a small sticker besideĀ  Kidzania – coming soon ! Ugh.. our kids were so disappointed and even my preschooler cried in frustration. My daughter couldn’t help but complain why they didn’t ‘warn’ the people on their earlier sign that Kidzania is not yet there. Oh, so sad..

So we will just have to wait till we go to KL this May and visit the Kidzania branch there. If you’re not familiar with Kidzania, you might be wondering why all this fuss about the place. Well, it’s actually an indoor ‘theme park’ where kids can take the roles of adults. It’s like their own world where they can work as nurses and be in nurse uniforms , be pilots or anything they want to be. My kids are just so excited about it an have already decided what careers they would like to try out once they’re in Kidzania. But they have to wait until May, since we also don’t know when the Kidzania in Bangkok will open.

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