Travel the World at Terminal 21

When we were in Bangkok, we went to Terminal 21. This is one of Bangkok’s newest mall. I like the concept of this mall since it’s like you are visiting different cities or countries in each floor. The topmost floor which is the cinema brings you to Hollywood in which you would feel like a star. The 5th floor which is the food court brings you to Pier 21 which feels a lot like San Francisco. If you go down a floor lower, you will see yourself being awed by the replica of San Francisco Bridge.  The 3rd floor will let you experience being in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s amazing how the sight and sounds ( yes, you can hear Turkish music) can transport you to Istanbul.  And as you go down a floor lower, you will see yourself in London! You won’t miss the big London bus and the British guard as you go down the escalator.  The first floor brings you to Asia, as you find yourself in Tokyo, Japan.  The mezzanine has a touch of Paris and the ground floor is my favorite because it brings you to Rome! Oh how  love the fountain, the big sculptures and the fresco on the ceiling. And lastly, the basement level has a Carribean theme with it’s gigantic lighthouse and brightly colored interior.

It was fun to ‘travel the world’ at Terminal 21. As we descended to each floor, my kids would excitedly ask, “Where are we going next?” It’s really like we are traveling into different countries. If only travel and visiting different cities and countries in the world was this easy, I would choose to spend holidays gran canaria . I’ve just read about this beautiful island that is also called as a ‘Miniature Continent’  as one can also experience different climates and landscapes in a single island. Imagine leisurely walking on the long beaches with dunes of white sand in the morning sun, enjoying the view of the green ravines in the afternoon and looking at  the picturesque villages at sunset.  It would almost be  like our experience at Terminal 21 in which you’re like transported to different places in such a short period of time. But wait, I know that nothing can compare to the real experience of ‘being there’. Oh, Gran Canaria when can I ever visit you? :)

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