Arrival Woes

I just found out that a cousin of mine wasn’t admitted in the country he was wanting to go to. Instead, they brought him back to his homecountry without even giving him a chance to use his handphone and  inform anyone.

After hearing of their dilemma, I tried to search online  to check whether this is a common problem and how someone can avoid this from happening. I was surprised to read a lot of blogs narrating their traumatic experiences of being held by the immigration even to the extent of letting them stay in the holding centers for 24 hours. Many of them were not allowed to use their mobile phones at all. Many of them experienced this due to the lack of knowledge in terms of visas rules, lack of documents and  show money.

To avoid arrival woes at the airport immigration , make sure you do the following before travelling to another country.

1) Check and recheck visa and immigration rules. If you’ve done your search months earlier, check again to make sure. Sometimes visa and immigration rules change without prior notice, so you have to make sure whether you need to get a visa at the embassy or you get your visa on arrival.

2) Make sure to book your return ticket. If you’re traveling as a tourist and you don’t have a return ticket, you can get stuck even at the immigration on your departure. If you’re traveling in between 2-3 countries, make sure you have your train tickets, bus tickets or airlines tickets printed out.

3) Make sure you have enough show money (read: cash). I’ve never experienced being asked for show money on arrival but I’ve heard from my friends that sometimes they do ask for a show money and it’s never enough to just show your ATM card.

4) Have all the contact numbers and addresses of friends or hotel  bookings printed.

4) And lastly, for additional safety, it’s good if you have some kind of travel insurance like Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance or Visitors insurance . You’ll never know the things that await during the trip. So, to have some kind of ‘security’ during your trip, it’ll be good to have one. I applied for a one time travel insurance once when I was did a group package trip ( it was compulsory) and it was quite affordable.

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