Online Back Up and Travel

I was reading through a site that provides reviews on different online back ups and crashplan and found quite an analogy with it on travel. As for computers, we need to have an online back up plan in the future since we’re not sure when our computers will crash and we might loss all our important documents. This happened to me a lot of times but  since I didn’t  know better then, I just have to bear the loss. :(

As for travel, it’s also important to have some kind of a back up plan too especially when it comes to travel itineraries, accommodations and the like. Sometimes, we tend to be so rigid with our plans that we get frustrated when heavy rains simply ruin it. We must allow space to divert our plans in case the situation needs it and sometimes we might even have to spend a little extra because of the changes. Whatever it is, I guess it’s our attitude in all this situation that plays a big part. We have to stay positive, be happy and enjoy the trip. Let’s remember that it’s the whole travel experience that’s simply worth it and maybe these diversions are parts of it.

So remember… always have a back up plan and enjoy the ride!

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