Summer, Beach and Central Air

It’s summer the summer break now in Thailand. And even though it still rains occasionally, but whenever the sun is out, the heat is just scorching. Anyways, these are the days when we long to go to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze. Of course, I won’t stay out in the sun too long because I prefer to stay in the shade. Oh, now I’m dreaming to be somewhere, staying in the beach resort in Koh Lipe or Krabi. The resort will surely have fresh air and Bamboo shades to keep the sun out.

I don’t know though if we have a chance to stay in a beach resort this summer, but I’m looking forward for our conference next week since we will be staying in a hotel. I especially like the idea of having centralized aircon for a few days. Now, that’s  staying real cool this summer!

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