10th Anniversary Trip

We are going on a trip for our 10th wedding anniversary! We actually got a very cheap flight to the north of Thailand from one of the airlines’ promotion a few months back. Our flight tickets were so cheap that they’re even cheaper compared to taking a bus or a train! Thank God for this special trip. Even if it’s just within the country but it’s a great way of celebrating our 10 years together as husband and wife. I still haven’t planned out our itinerary for this trip yet but with ‘google search’ and travel reviews, this will be an easy job.

I wonder where we can plan to go next for our 15th wedding anniversary. I wish we can get cheap flights to tenerife. I heard a lot of  good things about this biggest island of the Canary Islands. The photos I saw of some of the sights in the island are just breathtaking. Terife, also hosts the world’s biggest carnival with the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is attempting to become a World Heritage Site. Anyways, let this trip  for our 10th anniversary finish first and only then I can plan or rather dream of our next trip.

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