A Short Trip with my Daughter

My daughter and I will be going on a short trip to Bangkok next week. This will actually be our 2nd trip together. The first trip was to Vietnam with my Mom. This time, we are traveling by ourselves and I’m quite excited but a bit jittery at the same time. It’s quite different without Hubby around, it would mean that I’m ‘fully incharge’ of the trip like haggle the prices with the taxi drivers and do all the talking to the hotel staff and etc. I’m not a very talkative person so, I’d rather let Hubby do all the bargaining, directing and talking but next week, I won’t have a choice.

But overall, I’m still looking forward for this trip. It’ll be a great bonding time with my daughter especially as we’re taking a bus so, we’ll be travelling for almost 12 hours on the road. I just hope the bus will have a good stereo system with marine speakers in which they will play my favorite music. But that’s quite an impossibility since I’m sure the Thai people would rather watch some comedy movies than listen to music. But anyways, I can always bring my own music and my earphones. :)

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