Commuting in Bangkok

We went to Bangkok a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. As usual, I dreaded commuting in Bangkok because the Taxi drivers there are quite picky with passengers. Oh, not to mention that their meters seem to run so fast.. or maybe it’s just the ‘stingy’ me who thinks so. :) Anyways, on our way back to the South we had to go to the Southern Bus terminal ( Sai Tai Mai)  from our Hotel in Sukhumvit. Many people told us that it’s too far and the best way to go is by taxi. I was already calculating in my mind the possible costs of taking a taxi from Sukhumvit   to Sai Tai Mai. Imagine, I paid 90 Baht from Sukhumvit 20 to Central World on one busy afternoon that’s only supposed to be a 10 minute ride without traffic ( according to Google Maps). So, how much would then it would it cost for the more-than-an-hour ride to the bus station?

So, I thought of some cheaper options to travel and surely there must be public buses going to the bus station, right? And thank God for Mr. Google search because it was then I find out that there are indeed a public buses that go along  Sukhumvit road! Yehey! I checked and rechecked Bus 511 it is! .. Then lastly I asked from the reception desk and they confirmed. And sure enough, as we reached the bus stop at Sukhumvit, the 511 yellow-orange bus came. But I had to confirm with the bus driver again if it’s going to Sai Tai Mai ( that’s me.. I need a lot of confirmation and only then I can sit in peace). The bus ride was so comfortable and  smooth but the station was really faaarrr…but I was so happy because instead of paying hundreds of Baht for the taxi, I only got to pay 16 Baht with my daughter getting a free ride!!!

It’s to bad we only discovered about the ‘beauty’ of traveling by bus in Bangkok. But sure enough next time we visit Bangkok, we will arm ourselves with all BUS routes, numbers and information and commute inside Bangkok by bus!

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