Food Village at Siam Nakarin Complex

We went to Siam Nakarin Complex last week. It has only been our 2nd time to go there after it has been opened for a couple of months now. The first time we went there was on the 1st week of its opening so a lot of shops and stalls hasn’t been opened yet. But when we went there last week, we were glad to see that most of the spaces have been occupied and now there are more shops in the building from printing shops that prints¬†logo golf balls ¬†to mobile phone shops. Our favorite part of the building is Food Village which is located at the basement. Here you can see small stalls and a number of food outlets. There’s even a Jeffer’s outlet there. We’ve passed by 2 of the Jeffer’s outlet within the city but we’ve never dined in there yet. And last week, we did at Siam Nakarin Complex.

It’s nice to see new shopping malls here in Hat Yai. I’m looking forward for more places to window shop and visit.

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