Hat Yai Explosion Aftermath (Photos)

At 1:00 this afternoon, an explosion rocked Hat Yai. There has been 2 reports circulating on the cause of the explosion, one was said to have been caused by a car bomb planted at basement 2 of Lee Gardens Plaza while another was allegedly caused by gas explosion from one of the fastfood chains. But no matter what, this explosion has left 5 dead, more than 300 people injured and thousands of Hat Yai residents in fear.

Here are a few of the photos took by my friends who were there during and after the incident. Thank God that my friends were safe except for one who was slightly injured.

Shabushi, the famouse Japanese buffet restaurant which has just been opened a few months ago. Many of the bar chairs with metal step stools has remained intact except for the shattered glass windows.

The explosion caused a fire that has left more than 200 people trapped at the 4th floor for hours.

It has been reported that many of the injuries was caused by suffocation.

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