Our Family Retreat at Boom Forest Resort

It was a long Songkran Holiday here in Thailand. It was 5 days to be exact (including the weekends). So, our family thought to spend some time together outside the city and just have some time of quiet and reflection. It was sort of a last minute decision, so the places we originally wanted to stay were already booked. But thankfully, we found the Boom Forest Resort ( through a friend) and we were able to book it the day before our stay.

The resort was a bit outskirt but it was the place we were looking for. It’s not near the beach but still it has this beautiful scenery especially on the foggy early mornings. It’s nice that they put some beautiful cottages on the area and a small man made lake where one can go on a boat ride. It really made the place more interesting.

The rooms were very clean and nice! I was happy to see a coffee/tea making facility and a DVD player which you don’t often have in the hotels in Thailand. The staff were also friendly.

As for our family, we had a beautiful time together just reading our Bibles, praying and doing our devotions. The only times we went out was for some of our meals since their restaurant was not yet functioning. All in all, we had a wonderful stay and be sure going back there for our family retreats.

For more information:

Boom Forest Resort,

Tel. Number: 074305350-1

Hat Yai, Songkhla

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