The Rink in Central World

Today is such a happy day for my daughter. She was finally able to try ice skating! It was just a few weeks ago that she has learned how to roller skates and was curious about ice skating. So even if our time is just so short here in Bangkok, I made sure to include ice skating on our very short ‘to-do’ list.

The skating rink at Central World was not so big so, it wasn’t intimidating for our little first timer. She was struggling on the first few rounds but ¬†got better after awhile. I’m so proud that she could just skate on her own without anyone teaching her. She’s even brave enough to be on the rink by herself while I just watch her from afar. I think I couldn’t have done that when I was her age. Anyways, well done to my li’l girl and I’m glad that she found something that she likes to do – skating!

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