Travel and Health

I am in this very long and ‘choppy’ journey to be in good health. I’ve fallen off the wagon a number of times now and trying to get back to it. One of my struggles on this ‘health’ journey is when we travel. For several years now, I’ve equated travel with food. Like if we’re going on a long bus ride, I make sure we have some chips and lots of food to pass the time, then when we arrive at our destination, we make sure to eat the local delicacies and go on a food trip.

When I was on a healthy vegetable and fruit juice fast, I dreaded the thought of traveling while on the fast because it would mean a lot of temptations, and sure enough break my ‘healthy’ habits and then just go all out eating all the food to my hearts content. Sometimes, I wish there’s an easy way out to this and just take some appetite suppresant pills but then, when I read banital side effects , then I just shrug the thought off and continue eating my pizza . 😉

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