Driving to Bangkok

My Hubby has suggested a lot of times that we should drive to Bangkok whenever we go there. But the thought of driving all the way up, already makes me tired and stressed.. as if I’m the one driving, when I’m just a ‘passenger’. :) You see, we always go on a road trip to Kuala Lumpur and these trips already tires me out. And now, we drive all the way to Bangkok? LOL!

Anyways, just to give you an idea, from our city to Kuala Lumpur is about 500 Km. drive already and it takes us 9-10 hours ( with lots of stops and rests in between) before we reach our final destination. While Bangkok from our city is almost 800 km. away! Plus, we are not so familiar with the road and we might need gps and garmin┬áin order not to get lost. That’s why I’d rather take the train or the bus to Bangkok. :)

Our recent train ride to Bangkok

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