Kidzania Kuala Lumpur, the Place to Be!

¬†After more than 3 months of waiting, our family finally got to go to Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur! Our kids were so excited to visit this place ever since they’ve read about it in a few blogs.

So, on my daughter’s birthday we went there as planned. Since we’re not from KL, we thought it would be quite difficult to find the Curve ( the building where Kidzania is), but thank God for clear road directions from our friend and we got there at exactly 10am.

Since I’ve already made a bit of research on this educational theme park, we deliberately visited on a weekday so we can get full 7 hours of entertainment as opposed to the 5 hour limit on weekends and school holidays. When we were at the ticket booth, there wasn’t any queue at all! But when we went up, we found a large group of students from a Kindergarten already on a different queue. But even with the big crowd of students, we still didn’t have to queue up for the activities. Of course we avoided the students since they’re a large group, so we went to places where they aren’t there. This strategy really worked well for us except for our little boy who’s just so excited to become a fireman. But everytime we go to the ‘fire station’ , there’s always a long queque and we’re told to wait for 40 mins. before our turn. But instead of waiting, we opt to let the kids do other things first. So, our kids tried all the different jobs from a police officers, dentists, gas attendants, electricians, mail courier, sushi and burger makers, magicians, pilot, flight attendant, doctors, nurses and etc. And then finally after all the kindergarten students left at around 3PM, the whole place was ‘deserted’ and the Fire Station was finally vacant. And so it was our kids turn to be fire fighters. Yeah! And since we still had a bit of time, our kids went for Art School and spent all their ‘hard earn’ Kidzos buying souvenirs at the shop. And it was just so timely that after paying for their stuff, we heard the announcement that it’s already time to go. Whew!

That was indeed a fun filled day for our kids! Even if our kids were able to do 21 different jobs ( yes, we counted them!), there still there are a few jobs they were not able to try out. But we feel that everything’s worth it.

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