Menorca delivers on cheap family holidays

As summer hits, many in the UK will be on the hunt for cheap family holidays. However many will also be having to count their pennies due to the continuing recession the country is now going through. Holidays can be expensive, especially when dragging a family in tow. So for many it will be a case of going with a location that is already known to be a sure bet – Menorca.

Brits have been flocking to Menorca to soak up sun and lie on the beach since the 1970s and the island is ideally suited to those with families. The facilities that Menorca offers are second to none, and most resorts on the island have activities for children, allowing parents some much needed time off.

Located in the Mediterranean, Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands which belong to Spain and are among the top tourist destinations in the world. Many visitors come to Minorca in the summer to take part in the islands summer fiestas. Probably the best known of these is the Festes de Sant Joan which is held every year in Ciutadella. The festival lasts for three days and the streets are closed so bonfires can be lit.

 Menorca is a Catalan-speaking island, with native islanders speaking the distinctive Menorqui patois and others speaking regular Spanish.

Menorca is famous for its Pomada, and alcoholic beverage made from gin and bitter lemon. The use of gin is a reminder of when the island used to belong to Britain during the 18th century.

It is no wonder that Menorca vacations are still among the most popular for Britons. In fact a recent survey found that Spain and its islands still ret

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