12,000 Baht iPad 2 and 6,000 Baht LED TVs

These are one of the many items on sale during the grand opening of Home Pro. The price looks so tempting huh? But in every marketing strategy, there’s always a catch – there’s only a limited number of units available for the promo. If I remember it correctly, only 10 units are on sale for the iPad while 30 (?) units for the 32″ LED TVs. So, if you’re really keen to avail of these great discounts, then you have to go early on the 15th of June.

As for me, I currently don’t have a budget for all these gadgets, though I will still be visiting the new Home Pro and do a bit of window shopping. I’m sure they won’t have discount ink cartridges  there but I want to check out a few kitchen appliances.

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