5 of the Best Adventure Holidays

When you have a taste for adventure, don’t spend your summer at a standard seaside resort. Specialist websites now sell exhilarating adventure holidays for travellers who prefer a truly thrilling taste of their chosen destination.

Consider a week biking through the thriving mountainous Lake Garda landscapes or opt for Britons’ favourite activity break – skiing holiday Europe.

  1. 1.     Sailing Holidays

The ultimate for exploring, sailing holidays enable you to explore a myriad of islands, hidden coves and paradisiacal sandy shores.  If you want to see as much offshore as you do onshore during your stay, sailing holidays are ideal.

Whatever your proficiency level, there are various vessels available. Beginners can opt for instructed dinghy sailing session, while experts have the option of controlling larger open boats and yachts.

  1. 2.     Skiing Holidays

Skiing on the slopes is an adventure in itself; however, try cross country skiing with friends and family for a sojourn in the snow that dreams are made of.

Glide through the beautiful backdrops to your destination and take in the wonder of the vast snow-steeped rugged mountains.

  1. 3.     Watersports Holidays

Get your adrenaline kick on a watersports holiday. Try out windsurfing, waterskiing and kite surfing. Feel the wind against your face and the ocean under your feet – feel alive.

  1. 4.     Biking Holidays

Whether you enjoy scenic cycling stints in local villages, or you prefer to challenge yourself with hilly terrain, biking holidays can be tailored to suit your individual pursuit preferences.

Choose to join a guided cycling tour to make the most of your adventure holiday. Those in the know can lead you on some spectacular routes with breath-taking views.

  1. 5.     Kayaking Holidays

You may have explored mountain regions on foot, bikes or skis, but do take up the opportunity to take to the nearby lakes for a stab at kayaking.


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