Checking for Cheap Flights

It’s our desire to travel back home at the end of this year. ¬†Currently, we are checking on flight promotions in the internet. I’ve actually subscribed to a few airline newsletters so we will immediately be alerted when there are new promotions. But, unfortunately, most of the tickets on sale only have travel dates until October this year. We really want to be home for Christmas. Now, I’m not sure if there will be any promo flights for December. It’ll be too expensive for us to travel if we pay the regular price. I will have to keep checking and see if we can find online promotions or ¬†Book flights to Singapore with Dial A Flight. Then from there, we travel back home. I would love to drop by in Singapore before going back home but we’ll have to see whether this is possible or not.

Oh, I just remember those times when we got the cheapest flight deals. Imagine, once we only paid 550 Malaysian Ringgit for round trip tickets for a family a four! That was a real treat for us. I hope we could get that rate for our flights back home this year. I don’t know whether that’s more of a wishful thinking or not.

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